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Gold Pompano Series

Golden pompano comes from Qizi Bay, Changjiang County, Hainan Province. It has 530 hectares of exclusive sea area, the growth environment is close to the wild and it has obtained the pollution-free/BAP certification.Quality assurance. There is only one main fishbone and the flesh is firm.The taste is sweat, let you enjoy it.

Whole&Complete Golden Pompano

Golden Pompano For Removing Belly and Gill

Seasoned Golden Pompano

Tilapia Series

Tilapia, natural reservoir growing, the products get Pollution-free/ASC certification, quality assurance. Meat is smooth and tender,no intermuscular bone with rich protein and suitable for all ages.


Tilapia fillet

Tilapia convenient food

Hainan Seafood Series

Selected Hainan characteristic seafood, wild sea fishing, delicious sweet flavor, Nutrient-rich, supplement the nutrition needed by the human body.

Spotted Sea Crab


Tiger Spotted Shrimp

Imported Seafood Series

Preferred quality imported seafood, strictly controlled Product safety and good quality, striving to provide high quality and delicious, safe and healthy Cross-border seafood.

Canadian Crab

Thailand Cooked Shrimp

Seafood With Gift Box Series

The outer packaging is high-grade with a wide variety of seafood,high nutritional value. Enjoy delicious nutrition,delicate gifts up grade.

Hainan Special Seafood With Gift Box

Global Imported Seafood With Gift Box

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