Circulation And Catering Chann

Tilapia Fillet

Tilapia fillet, selected national landmark tilapia product, processed with live fish,manual fillet, fish bone removal. Fishmeat is smooth and tender with a sweet taste, baby supplementary food ingredients.The products have been certified as pollution-free /ASC, the quality is assured.

Red Coconut Brand Tilapia Fillet

Xiangtai Brand Tilapia Fillet

Blank Vaccum Tilapia Fillet

Gold Pompano Series

Golden pompano comes from Qizi Bay, Changjiang County, Hainan Province. It has 530 hectares of exclusive sea area, the growth environment is close to the wild and it has obtained the pollution-free/BAP certification.Quality assurance. There is only one main fishbone and the flesh is firm.The taste is sweat, let you enjoy it.

Traceable Golden Pompano

Original Taste Golden Pompano

Vaccum-Packed Golden Pompano

Shrimp Series

Hainan raw shrimp is caught in the sea, fresh shrimp is imported from abroad, diversified shrimp products are developed to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Shrimp meat is full and flexible, quality is assured. It is worth buying.

Raw Shrimp Meat

Thailand Raw Shrimp

Black Tiger Shrimp

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